Our Roots

A little bit about us here @ Let It Bee Apothecary. Our journey started late 2018, after I, 'Cara', finished a Herbal Botany and Manufacturing subject as a part of my Naturopathy Health Science Bachelor. Deeply resonating with herbalism, our venture to creating botanical offerings kick started with conscious intentions of holistic herbalism, non-toxic, eco-friendly & healing offerings.

Our aim is to incorporate the wisdom and philosophy of naturopathic principles by recognising the value of nature as foundation to optimal health. Through connecting the energetics of each plant into our botanical offerings. 

Foraging has become a daily practice of ours, exploring the botany of each plant by collect species & dissecting the blooms to identify the anatomy, revealing its identity & the family it belongs too. Once identified, the bloom is preserved to create a foraging guide. This has become not only a favourite activity for both of us but also our families, who take part in ‘Cara’s’ plant identification fascination.

The completion of my Materia Medica subject early in 2020 has broadened my understanding of the active constituents, medicinal actions, plants energetics and the therapeutic prescribing of each plant by merging the best of traditional herbal knowledge with modern scientific research. 

As we grow, our goal is to empower others by conveying information thorough our botanical offerings to gain knowledge of Naturopathic Principles entwined with Herbalism without holding any knowledge for profit. We invite you to join us on our journey and we look forward to you enjoying our botanical offerings as much as we do creating them…relax and Let It Bee!