My journey to Naturopathy

My journey to Naturopathy

Why Did I Become a Naturopath? 

Growing up, I immersed myself in outdoor activities, from swim squads and surf club nippers to water polo, snowboarding during ski seasons, surfing, and more recently, spearfishing.

The start of my health journey came after years of working in hospitality and long ski seasons in Japan. I fell in love with Japanese cuisine, drinking matcha tea before it was cool, and started a pescatarian diet focusing on seafood and vegetables. Upon returning home, I worked in a local health food café as a vegan baker and barista, transitioning from pescatarian to a plant-based diet. Tbh, this restrictive eating and cutting out major food groups was the start of my health issues, with energy levels dropping, digestive discomfort, and binge/restrictive eating patterns. In hindsight, my obsession with health food was the catalyst to finding naturopathy. 

You can see the pattern forming: my love for the ocean, mountains, and health food inevitably led me to discover nature’s medicine—herbs.

Discovering the Power of Herbs

In 2017, I met two great loves: herbs and Lee. During that time, I couldn't tell which one I loved more. I spent every chance foraging, identifying weeds, plants, and trees. Every place I travel to, the botanical gardens are my first stop, with Hobart Botanical Gardens being my favourite.

During this time, I started working at a local health food store with a naturopathic clinic, which accelerated my practical knowledge in the field. I became obsessed with herbs, supplements, health foods, functional testing, and naturopathy even more. 

Turning Passion into Profession

By 2018, during the second year of my Health Science Bachelor in Naturopathy, the subject of herbal botany and manufacturing inspired my first business: Let It Bee Apothecary. It began with a tea range and expanded into skincare, balms, soaps, yoni steams—you name it, I was making it!

Personal health decline 

From 2019 to 2021, I juggled studies, working at the health food store, renovating a new home, and running my business while wearing all the different hats. This intense workload led to burnout and weight gain, with stress eating taking a toll. I constantly battled the flu, with dysregulated immune, nervous, and digestive systems and hormonal imbalances. I had to make a change, so I scaled back the business and focused on my health and studies. 

A Turning Point

By 2022, I had lost 20 kg, got back into the gym, resumed surfing, and significantly improved my diet. My studies deepened my understanding of nutrition, focusing on real foods, balanced meals, and tracking macro- and micronutrients. With food as medicine, supported by physical, mental, herbal, and supplement regimens, I regained my health. I began working as a VA for Jade Walker Health, specialising in female reproductive health, including endometriosis, fertility, and SIBO.

Gaining Expertise

Through personal experiences with fatigue, burnout, immune and digestive issues, combined with specialised knowledge from Jade Walker Health, I felt ready to support clients in the student clinic. In 2023, I attended the clinic every week without getting sick, which felt incredible after so many flu’s the season before. I was in tune with my body’s limits, thriving in my element, and loving every moment of helping clients and working alongside like-minded naturopaths.

Achieving My Dream

I finished my degree, and I'm now a qualified naturopath! I also completed a business and marketing course and a pathology collector course, setting up the foundation for my online clinic, CC Naturopathy.

Fast forward to now; sitting in my clinic room with a herbal dispensary is my favourite place to be, and I'm ready to support all of you.

Overcoming Challenges

By finding the root cause of my health concerns and using naturopathic intervention, I have rebuilt a strong foundation by using food as medicine, restoring optimal digestive function, regulating my hormones and nervous system, restoring my energy levels and building up my immune system. I feel stronger and more in tune with my body than ever before. 

Why Choose Me Over Another Naturopath?

My journey is unique, filled with personal and professional experiences that have equipped me with a deep understanding of balanced health. My dedication to continuous learning, practical experience, and passion for naturopathy ensures that I provide compassionate, informed, and personalised care. Choose me, and you'll be supported by someone who truly understands the journey to better-balanced health.

Understanding My Audience

I aim to work with clients who seek a natural and balanced approach to healing and want to find the root causes to rebuild a strong foundation to restore health. Are you someone who is experiencing symptoms such as anxiety, stress, fatigue, burnout, immune dysregulation, digestive discomfort, SIBO/ IMO, IBD, weight-loss, hormonal imbalances or female reproductive health concerns? Book a consultation now to start your health journey.

Why Do I Want to Help Others?

My journey through personal health challenges and the knowledge I've gained along the way have ignited a deep desire to help others. I want to guide my clients through their own health journeys, offering support, empathy, and expert advice to help them achieve optimal health.

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This is so beautifully written and interesting! I’m so very proud of you my beautiful cousin! Best of luck and congratulations!! Xx

Maddie Cole

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